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If you have been following along we recently published a podcast everyday of our vacation in November.  We talked about all the highs and lows each and everyday.  This podcast we t...

No Picnic; Day 16

Here we wrap up how the last couple of days went with this project, unfavorable weather made for some brutal conditions out there.

No Picnic; Day 15

Back to just having fun and letting these hunts play themselves out.  The stress of a super giant is off, now time to get back to what we love to do, just hunt.  www.exodusoutdoorg...

No Picnic; Day 14

We got some energy back.  We discuss our last morning hunting magnum, how it went and what we saw.  Made a move for the evening hunt.

No Picnic; Day 13

We talk alot about our moves for magnum and our one last hoorah for him.  Everything comes down to the wire.

No Picnic; Day 12

Today we had another slow hunt in the morning, took the evening off the hopefully get a little energy back for the last 2 days hunting Magnum.

No Picnic; Day11

It is definitely no picnic out here any more, temps may be saying one thing but we are feeling it at this point.  We are still going to send it, today was a decent day with better ...

No Picnic; Day 10

Not many words to describe this podcast. Absolutely demoralized. Go out there, hunt your face off, do the RIGHT thing, be a decent human being.  

We did it, we got a public land buck down, finally.  We have put so much time and effort to make this happen, and were finally able to capitalize. 

From yesterday's podcast that we had went into our gameplan until about 04:30 this morning it had changed.  We decided to pack in a little deeper and it paid off huge as Magnum P.I...

No Picnic; Day 7

Today's podcast we breakdown how today went. A little different than past days.  With this heat wave here in the midwest and little deer movement we let you in on how we go about g...

No Picnic; Day 6

This morning started slow but we took our time and strategized for our evening sit and we feel confident, for now, about it.

This week's podcast we are joined by our great buddy again, Logan Sellers.  Logan recently purchased a mobile hunting set up after hearing some of the great things about that style...

No Picnic; Day 5

Today was a decent day.  We set up over the magnum pinch for the morning hunt.  Then we pulled some cameras for some intel and made a move for the evening.  www.exodusoutdoorgear.c...

No Picnic; Day 4

This day started off a little rough as we didn't get to sit where we intended to off the gameplan.  Nonetheless another all day sit in the books, heading strong into Day 5. www.exo...

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